Rascals Dog Grooming Studio

Rascals Dog Grooming Studio
We are a small family run dog groomers established in 2002 in Stalybridge, Manchester.
Lorna has been working with animals since leaving school, previously working in a greyhound kennel and a local Veterinarian before becoming a full-time professional groomer.

Lorna has worked here since 2005 and has built a special bond with the dogs and customers that have been coming since her early days here.

Our Grooming Process
Bath & Shampoo
Each dog will receive a thorough bath with a shampoo chosen to suit your dogs specific coat type.
We use an Oatmeal or Aloe for dry itchy skin, a Protein shampoo for fur that needs extra care, Lavender to repel fleas, Lemon for greasy coats, Cherry or Baby Fresh for general cleaning and a Blueberry facial scrub to deep clean those mucky faces.

Stress-Free Drying
We do use cabin dryers but they are temperature controlled & constantly supervised.
These are mainly used to help dry dogs that find the blaster too stressful for them. This is followed up by drying with a hairdryer with a vigorous brush out before a clip if required.

Fluffy Dry
Fluff dry with our warm air blaster that helps remove dead hair that has not been naturally lost.
This is great for thick long coated breeds that do not require clipping to assist in the moulting process.

Additional Grooming Services
We will also trim your dogs nails during a bath or groom if it’s needed or requested.
We can also express your dogs anal glands if requested and ears will be plucked & cleaned out at the end of your dogs grooming session.

Rascals Price List
Full Grooms
Shih Tzu £28
Cocker Spaniel £30
Springer Spaniel £30
Cavaliers King Charles Spaniel £28
West Highland Terrier Small £21 – Medium £23
Labrador £20
Retriever £23
French Bull Dog £15
Bull Dog £18
Bichon £30
Doodle Small £28 – Medium £30 – Large £32
Malamute £32
Pug £15
Poodle Small £30 – Medium £32 – Large £35
Schnauzer £30
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Small £10 – Large £12

Bathing & Grooming

HuskyBath £28
German Sheperd Bath Only £23 – Bath & Tidy £28
Chihuahua Bath only £10 – Bath & Clip £21
Border Collie Bath Only £23 – Bath & Tidy £28
Rough Collie Bath Only £28 – Bath & Tidy £32
Pomeranian Bath Only £15 – Bath & Clip £28
Border Terrier Clip £28 – Hand Strip £40
Jack Russell Bath Only £10 – Bath & Clip £28
Dachund Bath Only £10 – Bath & Clip £21

Additional Services

Nail Clipping (Small Breeds) £3
Nail Clipping (Large Breeds) £5
Anal Gland Expression £5

Teeth Cleansing
Emmi-Pet Teeth Cleansing (1st Session) £20
Additional Sessions £7
Your dog will have their own brush head after their first session so no sharing.



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