Rover Done Over

ROVER DONE OVER is a friendly local company based in Washington, Tyne and Wear. We specialise in high quality grooming service for all types of dogs, large or small.
Hi – I’m Tania and I’ve recently started to work from home, doing what I love – grooming dogs! I’ve been around dogs since before I can remember, growing up with dogs of all sorts – a Boxer, a German Shepherd mix and various other cross breeds. The Beagle-Dalmatian, who we called “Spot” appropriately enough, found in a cloth sack across the road was the dog who could smile! Upon arriving here in the UK my husband and I got our latest big guy, a Goldendoodle. This crossbreed’s coat needs lots of attention, so it was only natural that I learned to groom! I did so at a private grooming school with accompanying experience in a busy grooming salon, putting full breed dogs into style and grooming crossbreeds to bring out their natural charm and beauty.

Our Services
A full range of services are available, from a complete groom, a simple bath and blow dry,
or a between groom “clean and tidy”. All breeds are welcome as well as crossbreeds.

Full Groom to breed standard or as requested:

Full Groom: Bathed twice with a gentle cleansing shampoo. Excess water is then removed from the coat using a high velocity stream of air designed to blast the top coat, undercoat and skin, removing dead hair and any pests. This is followed by a blow dry by hand – the dog is not left in a cage to dry. When drying is complete, the dog is brushed out and groomed to breed standards or as requested. Nails are checked and trimmed if necessary and ears are cleaned. The final touch is spritz of doggy cologne/perfume.

Bath and Tidy:
Bathed, blasted, dried and brushed out as with the full groom. “Privates” are attended to, nails and ears are checked and clipped or cleaned if necessary, finishing with cologne.

Bath Only:
Tired of trying to get your pooch into the bath, whilst at the same time avoiding muddy paw prints on the floors and carpets, even the walls? OK, so you’ve managed the bath with relatively minimal damage to the decor, then comes the inevitable after bath shake, covering the bathroom in an invigorating burst of water. You end up soaking wet, your bath is a mess and you now have a load of towels to be laundered. Or are you getting ready for a party, a visit from the friends or the in-laws, or any other occasion, and you are too busy doing the shopping, cleaning, preparing etc. The bath only is the perfect answer!! Let me do the work for you! Also the “between full groom visit” reduces mats and tangles and helps maintain a healthy coat and skin. Your dog is bathed, blasted, dried and brushed out as with the full groom and spritzed with cologne.



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