Ruff to Fluff Grooming

Wendy Joy – passionate about dog grooming
Dogs are my “thing!” I loved being around dogs from a very early age and started working on Saturday in a Shetland Sheepdog kennel at 13.

Working for 4 years as the assistant manager of the Dogs Trust I learned so much about handling and training and behaviour.

I set up the training classes and worked intensively with the aggressive and stressed dogs.
I absolutely loved working with the rescue dogs! In 2003 I decided to travel the world!

On my return I joined Mypetstop running the boarding facility. Always wanting to learn new things, I undertook a grooming course and after having my daughter Annabelle in 2007 worked part time as a dog groomer styling a large range of dogs.

Trained to a high standard I take pride in making a dog look and feel great.
When Mypetstop closed in Nov 12, I decided that it was time to open a salon of my own. I found the wonderful Manston Pet Hotel in which to base my business.
I love grooming and my dog handling experience ensures that you can be reassured that your dog is in the best hands!

Dog Salon Services start from £5 and includes:
Bathing with formulated shampoo and coat conditioning
Hand Drying
Full Grooming which includes bath, dry, any styling required, nails clipped
Ears cleaned
Hand stripping
Nail clipping
Ear Cleaning
Styled to your choice or with expert advice

Full Groom prices start from as little as £15

Your dog will be styled to your requirements.

Pug £15
Labrador £20
Westie £25
English Cocker Spaniel £25-£35 (clipped – hand strip)
Shih Tzu £25-£35 (clipped – scissored all over)



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