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We are a small dedicated family run firm who are nuts about dogs, based in the old fishing town of Cockenzie on the shores of the Firth of Forth in East Lothian.

When we finally got round to getting a dog of our own, our interest in how she needed to be groomed properly was sparked. The more we looked into it the more interested we became and so a professional grooming course was booked at Scotland’s only City & Guilds accredited Premier training school Scotgroom, run by the highly acclaimed Agnes Murphy in Carluke, Lanarkshire. We simply didn’t rate some of the alternative courses and centres that we looked at and are glad we opted for the best quality training available, as all was in accordance with current C&G 7750 standards using best practices on a huge variety of breeds. It was good to have the opportunity to learn grooming to breed standard as well as variations on popular pet styles. That initial interest has almost became an obsession and the rest, as they say, is history.

We were originally going to start as a Studio service in early 2009, but potential problems with planning permission in a listed building which had unapproved modifications caused that to be abandoned. Going mobile with a grooming van was supposed to be a short term stop-gap but it was another two and a half years before we were finally able to open our first Studio in Cockenzie in the autumn of 2011. We had very quickly established our mobile service as a quality business and our reputation grew far in excess of our expectations to the point where we had a customer base of almost 600 and pretty much fully booked months ahead. We were catering for 90 to 100 existing customers dogs per month. This made it very difficult to fit in new customers, so we lost around 4 new bookings every day, as we were only able to cater for 8 to 10 each month. Opening the Studio almost doubled our appointment capacity and in the first week had not only catered for all our regular booked customers but allowed every new enquiry to be catered for and given an appointment within two weeks. That was an instant improvement of two and a half months! Just for interest, the page we created specifically to keep customers updated on the shop renovation progress between May and October 2011, is available here. Just over one year on from opening the Studio, our doggy customer base had grown to over 800 with an average repeat rate of 76%!



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