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Welcome to Staceys Dog Grooming!

The salon is owned and run by Stacey, who is level 3 diploma qualified in professional dog grooming and styling. After finishing her Diploma the people who ran the course where so impressed they gave her a job in their salon right away and within a few months she was running their new salon in Darwin. After a few more months in this salon her employer saw Staceys great skills and strong work ethic and hired her to become a tutor in their grooming academy.

Although Stacey loved to teach dog grooming she found the time to be right to leave and start her own dog grooming salon. This happened in October of 2016. Stacey has created a state of the art salon that can cater to all breeds of dogs. The aim is to provide a calming and relaxing environment for your dogs to be groomed in. With luxurious play pens for your best friend to wait in for your arrival and a Dog Shop on offer should you need any doggy items, what more can a loving dog owner ask for!


Nail Clip
Bath & Dry
Mini Groom
Full Groom
Hand Strip
Puppy Intro
Pickup or Drop off
Day Care


Blueberry Facial £5
Nose Balm £2
Paw Soothing Balm £2
Tea Tree Towel Wrap £8
Flea Shampoo* £5
Wrinkle Soother £3
Digital Photo** £3
Ear Clean + Pluck £5
Neckerchief £5



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