The Furdresser

Professional pet grooming in Belfast
We all like our dogs to look and smell clean, and it can take a helping hand from a professional groomer to achieve this.

At The Furdresser we have many years of experience caring and clipping for dogs across the Belfast area.

From Shih Tzus to Scotties, we can transform your pet in our grooming salon, giving them a fantastic new look.

If you are looking for a professional groomer to provide a wash and trim, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Dog Grooming Belfast
Looking for a professional dog groomer you can trust?

Here at The Furdresser, we understand you want to be sure that you are leaving your pet in capable hands; this is why our business philosophy is built on trust.

We are truly passionate about dogs. Our belief is that every dog should be treated as an individual. Our groomers are also highly experienced, having dealt with even the most excitable of dogs.

With many regulars, we also know a large percentage of our clients and their dogs on a personal level. Consequently, we strive to provide a friendly, personal service, taking into account you and your dog’s needs.

Dog grooming services:
Dog bathing
Shampooing and conditioning
Dog clipping
Cutting dog hair
Dog nail clipping
Dog ear cleaning
Flea treatments



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