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Looking Good and Feeling Fine
At Top Dogs our expert dog groomer Demi will do everything to make the grooming experience easy and relaxing for you and your dog. Skilled in all dog breeds, she will work to your specifications, if you’re unsure what you want, Demi is happy to advise and discuss Kennel Club Standard Breed Styles with you and style adaptations to suit the daily life of your dog.

Your dog’s time with Demi will be on a one-to-one basis, her natural way with her canine friends is just a gift she has and she has a special affinity for puppy first timers and those a little nervous. Her home premises are gated so your dog is safely enclosed at all times. We use all natural products for dog washing and grooming, as the wellbeing of your dog and their skin condition is just as important as how they look.

We keep records of all our canine clients and discuss any behaviour and any health issues with you on arrival prior to any treatments taking place. We will also update you after every visit so you are always informed about any changes to your dog’s grooming needs and any maintenance questions you have so you can keep your dog’s coat healthy at home between visits.

Please note that our brand new salon is being refurbished and due to open in June.

FULL GROOM – Prices from £2
ATH AND FLUFF DRY – Prices From £15
For dogs that are always on the go. A great way to prevent matting and keeps your dogs coat in good condition. This includes 2 shampoos, 1 conditioning treatment, a warm blow dry and finished with our luxury canine cologne.
HAND STRIPPING – Prices From £30
Hand stripping is available for gun dogs and terriers with appropriate coats. After-care consultancy, including advice on coat care maintenance.

For when your dog needs just one or two things doing, but is already clean and tidy.

Nail clipped, feet & pad trim -£10
Sanitary trim – £10
Flea wash – £5
Facial trim – From £10
Ear plucking, cleansing, trimming – £5
15-minute tidy up. Brushing, de-matting, trim around eyes, freshening cologne – From £15
Teeth cleaning, brushing, tartar removal – £15 -20*




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