Turner and Pooch Dog Grooming

“Hello and a warm welcome to my salon”.
Turner & Pooch Dog Grooming represents an outstanding level of service and attention to detail. I believe that every dog should enjoy their visit to my safe and relaxing salon. Serving all South Yorkshire (Doncaster) and North Lincolnshire (Scunthorpe) areas.

Reasons why we groom

Grooming your dog brings many benefits to you and your pooch. It promotes cleanliness and good health, stimulating new hair growth and preventing skin irritations. Not only does it prevent knots and matting, which most likely will create discomfort for the dog, it also has an added benefit of keeping your home clean with less hair on the fur-niture.
Style and appearance are keen factors in keeping your dog looking its very best, but it also keeps their coat manageable allowing for easy inspection, helping to identify skin problems.
Starting the grooming process early, helps the dog get accustomed to being handled, promoting human socialisation and bonding within the salon and home. The difference between a dog regularly groomed and a dog only groomed every 6 months, is that the first dog sees it as part of a routine, the second one sees it as a punishment.
By working together, we can make the grooming process less difficult and stressful for your beloved pet.

Dog Grooming Services
Full Groom / Cut
25 – £35 Small breeds (Lhaso etc)
£30 – £40 Medium breeds (Cockapoos etc)
£40 – £60 Large breeds (Labradoodles etc)

Handstripping From £40
Bathroom Blitz (ideal for deshedding or needing an emergency power wash) from £20
Puppy Orientation £ Free



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