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Edinburgh Dog Grooming
My focus is on providing Edinburgh with an exclusive dog grooming service, where your dog can be professionally groomed in our fully equipped dog grooming salon located in Seafield Road, Edinburgh. I am a fully qualified dog groomer, specialising in KC clips and creative styles, but ultimately my goal is to provide the style that you want. All breeds are welcome young and old, I strive to make your dog as happy as possible while being groomed and if its OK with you, a little treat at the end!


Grooming can take 2-3 hours and will start with an initial consultation to determine what style will work best for you both. Your dog can be groomed in our fully equipped salon, which offers a comfortable environment allowing for a relaxed groom for your dog. Special arrangements can be made to fit around your work schedule, and appointments may also be available at the weekend and in the evening on request. Prices are based on your dogs breed, size and coat .

A full groom includes:
•A lovely bath, including a good old scrub between the toes and personal areas
•Anal glands are checked and expresses if necessary.
•A nice fluff and blow dry by hand.
•Ears checked and cleaned.
•Nails clipped.
•Hair clipped and scissored.

•Small Dogs £20 – £35
•Medium Dogs £20 – £40
•Large Dogs £30 – £40
•X Large Dogs £35 – £50



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