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Welcome to Woofs & Whiskers Home from Home Grooming Boutique & friendly, boarding for Dogs and small animals in Colton, Leeds 15.
Services: Grooming, Home boarding & occasional dog daycare.

Prices are for regularly groomed dogs in good condition. If the coat is very matted / knotted this will affect the price. Where the coat is severley matted a total shave of their coat will be discussed with you as it is cruel to put the dog through such extensive de-matting.

Full groom: Bath, blow dry, Scissored styling, eye & ear care and nails.

All Puppies under 12 months will be priced on their size and hair type

Group 1, £20/25
Dachsund (long hair)
Chihuahua (long hair)
Small dogs and Terriers that need no facial grooming
Small pup mini groom

Group 2, £30
King Charles Spaniel
Shih Tzu
Lhasa Apso
Cocker Spaniel
Springer Spaniel
Yorshire Terrier
Scottish Terrier
Toy/mini/med Poodle
Small/med Schnauzer
Dandie Dinmont
Small/med Cockapoo
Coton De Tulear (short coat)
Bichon Frise (Pet style)
Cairn terrier
Tibetan Terrier
Small/ medium doodles
Fox/Welsh/Lakeland/Sealyham Terrier

Group 3, £35
Large Cockapoo
Large Poodle
Border Collie
Shetland Sheep dog
Coton De Tulear (full coat)
Bichon Frise (show style)

Group 4, £40
Gordon Setter
Irish Setter
English Setter
Kerry Blue
Wheaton Terrier

Group 5, £45
Giant schnauzer
Rough Collie
Bearded Collie(short)
Irish Water Spaniel
Giant Poodle
German Shepherd (long hair)
Chow Chow
Labradoodle/Golendoodle large

Group 6, £50
Bernese Mountain
Italian Spinone
Old English
Russian Black
New Foundland
Bearded Collie (Full coat)

Bath & Blow Dry:
£10 Small dogs/puppies, Pug, Chihuahua
£15 medium short hairTerriers, Mini Bulldog.
£20 Labrador, Doberman, Boxer, Rottweiler, Bull dog, Border Collie (short)
£25 Retriever, Border Collie (long)
£30 Rough Collie, Bearded Collie (short), Old English (Short)
£35 Bearded Collie (Full Coat), Old English (Full Coat),
Dogue De Bordeaux

Nails Clipping £10 or £5 with bath.

Hand Stripping:

Group A, £40
Border Terrier
Norwich T
Norfolk T
Griffon Bruxellois

Group B, £45
Spaniels & Setters



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