Wren House Dog Groomers

About Us
We are a family owned business with over 15 years experience in Dog Grooming.

​At Wren House your dog will be cared for by the same groomer throughout their stay with us.
We do not have “Bathers” to prepare the dogs before styling.
We feel this helps to create a trusting bond between the groomer and the dog in their care.

Our Grooming Services

– Full Grooms Include
Prices will vary depending on breed, size, behaviour and condition.

Here are a few examples of popular breeds
Cockapoo: from £50
Cavachon: from £45
Labradoodle(small and soft coated): from £55
Labradoodle(large and soft coated): from £70
Westie: from £45
Border Terrier, Hand Stripped: from £55
Cocker spaniel: from £45
Springer Spaniel:from £46
Labrador: from £40
Miniature Schnauzer: from £45

Puppy Pamper
A Puppy Pamper introduces your puppy to the world of grooming, so future grooms are stress-free.
From £20

Nail Clipping
Dogs: £10
Rabbits: £5
Guinea Pigs: £5



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