Ziggys Dog Salon

ZIGGY’S is a dog grooming Salon based in Padgate, Warrington. Our aim is to provide a professional grooming service for your pets, in a calm and relaxed environment.

City and Guilds Qualified with over 9 years experience.

As animal lovers ourselves we will ensure that the happiness and welfare of your extended family is our top priority.

Dogs are not held in crates and all dogs are hand-dried.

We use high quality products and your dog’s skin and coat will be assessed before selecting the most suitable product.

Call us now for an appointment.

We cover all grooming options from just a bath and dry to a full groom. From Small to large breeds.

We work on an appointment only basis. This keeps the salon as stress free as possible for the dogs. Please note we are generally booked up around 4 to 6 weeks in advance (this can be longer during peak times of year, Summer and Christmas).

​We do offer just a nail trim, this can be arranged on the same day, just give us a call to arrange a convenient time.

We do not use crates to hold your dog – we have specially built individual stalls.

When you drop your pet off we will endeavour to give you an idea of how long he/she will be with us and the cost – please note that prices are dependant on the size and breed and your requirements. Payment is by cash only.

Once your dog is ready for collection we will give you a call.

Full Groom Prices start from £24.00
Bath and Dry Prices Start from £10.00
Bath and Trim Prices Start from £16.00
Nails Trimmed – £5.00
Ears Cleaned/Plucked – £5.00
Face Trim – From £5.00



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