Self Service Dog Wash – Everything You Need to Know

Whether you prefer to wash your puppy yourself or prefer to avoid a disaster in your bathroom, there are many reasons for you to use a self-service dog wash. But what exactly is a self-service dog wash? Pretty much as it sounds, a self-service dog wash provides you with all the accommodations you need to clean your dog… yourself!

Of course, there is much more to know about the joys of using a self-service dog wash. Stay with us, and we’ll tell you all you need to know for your and your pet’s comfort.

Why Use a Self-Service Dog Wash

Less stress for your pup

There is a certain charm in doing things by yourself, but when it comes to your pets, it may be a necessity. Leaving a shy or nervous pup in the hands of a total stranger (no matter how professional it is) might overly stress your pup. On the other side, if your dog needs a specific treatment only you can provide, washing your dog yourself could be a necessity for both you and your dog.

Forget about grooming appointments

Making an appointment to bathe your dog doesn’t have to be too much of a fuss. Especially if you have a lot to do or your agenda changes a lot. Why not save time and effort by going to a self-service dog wash. You can probably find one close to your home, and most have a first-come-first-serve policy. Forgetting or missing a grooming appointment will be a thing of the past.

Everything you need in one place

If you have taken your dog to a professional dog groomer before, you know they use many tools that you might not have at home. Nail clippers and brushes suitable for your dog’s breed fur, hairdryers, towels, and endless other things if you want to give your beloved dog a VID (very important dog) treatment. If you don’t know how to use a particular tool or if you are not sure how to proceed, you will likely have an expert at hand to seek advice.

Reliable and reasonably priced 

One of the things that makes self-service dog wash facilities an awesome option is that they are reliable and cheap. Grooming your pet with a professional can be expensive, but in general, going to a self-service dog wash is a more economical option. Besides, you can have all the tools of a professional groomer at hand. To make it better, some self-service dog wash facilities offer you extra services for an additional cost.


Tips for Using Self-Service Dog Wash

Be mindful of the doggie etiquette when using the self service-stations

Of course, every self-service dog wash has its own rules, but there are some basic rules you should follow for the comfort of every dog, client, and staff member. For example, your dog should be on a leash at all times; your dog should be on its best behaviour at all times, you must leave the washing station clean enough for the next client, and so on. Before taking your dog to these installations, be sure to inform yourself about their regulations and comply with them. It’s the polite thing to do.

Use every item responsibly

This rule applies to everything you use at the self-service dog wash; dog shampoo, conditioner, blow-dryer, nail trimmers, etc. Even water should be used responsibly. Make sure you keep your area as clean as you can and prevent your dog from making a mess. Everybody will be grateful for that.

Keep in mind, that each self-service dog wash has its own regulations for the use of its implements. Following them will keep the utensils in good condition to use. Likewise, taking good care of the installations will also make you and your pet a gratifying customer to have.

Aggressive dogs should stay at home

For the safety of other customers, staff members, and dogs, it is best to leave an aggressive dog at home. It’s hard, but some dogs don’t get along with other dogs. There are also dogs that, although not aggressive, are excessively restless even on a leash. For these pets, it is advisable to correct any behavioural issues before visiting a self-service dog wash for the first time.

A word on ticks and fleas

Many self-service dog wash installations have specific treatments and services to treat ticks and fleas. However, many others forbid dogs with ticks and flea infestation into their installations. Make sure to check for ticks and fleas in your dog before going to the dog washing. In addition to this, make sure your dog’s smell is not too strong or excessively foul.

Cost of Self-Service Dog Wash

NimbleFins, a respected financial analysis service in the UK, recommends DIY dog wash as the most affordable option for your beloved dog. Statistics don’t lie – according to this service, the average cost for professional dog grooming in the UK for 2020 is £40. It could cost you around £20 if you have a small dog breed with short hair, but it can go up to £80 or more for a large breed with a double coat of long hair.

On the other side, we have self-service dog wash installations. Prices can vary all across the UK, however, their prices range from £10 for small breeds and go up to £30 for very large dog breeds. Even then, you can still find some establishments that charge little more than £10 for large dog breeds, not minding their coat type, which is quite affordable.


In conclusion, if going to a grooming salon is something your dog is not yet ready for, DIY dog washes are perfect for you. Avoiding a mess in the bathroom is always worth it. Additionally, washing your dog doesn’t have to be a hassle. Remember our dog etiquette tips when going to a self-service wash!